Friday, December 31, 2010

DIY: Notepad

I was searching through some things on This is such an awesome website for those creative ruts. Tutorials run abound on this website and you can also follow them on Facebook. They post tons and it's always easy to find them in your news feed. They have such neat stuff I really suggest you go check them out. They have everything from sewing, cooking and scrapbooking. They search online for some of the cooles ideas. All of their things come from blogs or other websites. This particular tutorial is brought to you by Green Eyed Monster.

DIY notepads. Who would have thunk it? I kinda already knew how to do this. I learned it when I was younger but I completely forgot about it. This is such a good refresher or something new for those of you who may have never thought about doing this. I can't wait to start making mine! They make an awesome little extra gift for someone's birthday or a great stocking stuffer.

I would love to see how yours turn out. I will post mine as soon as I start one. Which may be tonight. Who knows, though? It's New Year's Eve and I have no idea what my plans are tonight.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I've Been A Busy Bee...

...but not with crafting. Ugh! I'm so frustrated with myself that I haven't gotten a dang thing done in the past few weeks. My husband and I have been so busy and if we don't have somewhere to go, I have laundry to do or the house to straighten up. I've been missing everyone's awesome posts on other sites because I just haven't been on the blog.

This weekend has been a bit crazy. Friday I went shopping for some flannel sheets. I freeze to death when I go to bed at night. My husband loves to sleep with the window open and the fan on in the winter time. I hate it. Solution: flannel sheets.

Skipping to Saturday because I really don't think anyone wants to hear anymore about flannel sheets. Then again, Saturday really isn't anymore exciting than the flannel sheets. Ha! I had to work on Saturday and then I went Christmas shopping with my mom. Christmas shopping for me! I got tons of awesome stuff. My favorite thing is my Pandora bracelet! O.M.G. I freakin' love this thing. I can't wait to get more charms. A Pandora should be on every girls' wish list for Christmas. I got a cute little charm that's a horse. Too cute!

Tomorrow is back to work. I don't even feel that I've had a weekend. It has gone by way too fast. It will be 2011 before you know it. Where does the time go?

As for my crafting/cardmaking, I've definitely been slacking. I have an order to do and I don't know when I'm going to have time to do it. Ahhhhh!! I probably should be doing it now but it's 11 o'clock at night and I'm not starting a thing. I haven't sat down all weekend I don't think.

Well I hope ya'll have a good night. I'm going to have some movie time before bed!

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