Monday, April 30, 2012

May Photo Challenge

Where does the time go? Tomorrow is already May and that means the May Photo a Day Challenge kicks off at FatMumSlim's blog. I am definitely going to try my hardest to do this challenge. I have never participated in a challenge before and I'm pretty excited about it. I will post the pictures here weekly!

I hope everyone has a great Monday!

...until next time...


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ahhhh, Sunday.

Sundays are quiet days. Mostly, every Sunday I get ready and go to church. This Sunday will be no different. I feel really inspired today, really motivated to do stuff. I'm sure most of that "stuff" will be cleaning and laundry which really isn't any fun but I do have this urge to go to the thrift stores to see what kinda things I can find to clean up and restore....


it looks like today is going to be a gorgeous day here in the Shenandoah Valley and I have some bulbs to plant but I have to wait until Nate gets home from work to dig the holes for me. I'm not very good at that. I don't have enough "umph" to get the holes deep enough.

I also just saw this really easy recipe for for salt dough over at The Cheese Thief's blog. I could make some ornaments to sell but now I just had a thought to go around and take some pictures and find some stuff to smash. 

Life decisions. =)

There's just not enough time in the day to do all the stuff I want to do. What would you do with an extra hour in the day? Relax? Craft? Spend time with friends and family? 

Enjoy your Sunday and I hope you find time to do all the things that you find enjoyable. 

...until next time...



Friday, April 27, 2012

Simply Smashing Friday: Issue No. 3

Welcome to my Friday night. It is now 10:24 at night and I'm watching Alaska State Troopers because that's what the hubster was watching before he went to bed and left me downstairs. I would also really like to change into my pajamas but basically I'm too lazy to walk upstairs but now that I'm "talking" about it, it sounds really nice. I'll be right back. I must go get comfy before I start rambling nonsense. 

Comfiness has been accomplished. 

So, now to what's important. I have finally finished an actual page in my Smash* journal. See below!

I did add a few buttons around the page after this picture was taken. It's definitely not as detailed as other pages that I've seen. As much as I would love for the page to be covered with awesomeness I'm content as to how the page turned out. It's simple and that's me. Sorry about the lopsided picture. Oops.

....for my next trick? I have no idea. I have been thinking all week about what to smash and it hasn't come to me yet. I love taking pictures with Instagram and using them in my journal but my phone hasn't been it's normal self lately. iPhone here iCome!

So, what have you smash*ed about lately? I would love to see it!

...until next time...


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Greeting Card Goodness

just darlin' got it's start by making greeting cards and I've definitely been slacking in that department. It seems that's what the people want and you can't run a miniscule business by not listening to the people. You gotta keep the people happy. 

So, while hockey and the NFL Draft has taken over the TV by the significant other, I have been in my scrappy space making cards. I kinda forgot how relaxing it is. I love making things but I also love making cards for a cause. In an unfortunate turn of events, someone in my family has been diagnosed with cancer and this has really driven me to do something about this horrible disease. 

What do I plan on doing you ask?

Well, if you purchase a just darlin' card or other crafty thing, 25% of your purchase will go to my church's Relay for Life team. I know that it doesn't sound like a lot but every little bit helps. It seems that more and more people are getting diagnosed with cancer these days and I know everyone will agree with me when I say that this disease MUST be stopped. 

Everyone who has been touched by cancer will appreciate your support. 

Please visit my Facebook page for purchasing.

These are the cards that I made last night while my hubby watched the NHL Playoffs. Ummm....Go Caps? I love hockey. Can't you tell?

I made this card with on of my newest stamps I bought at Michael's for $3.99. You can't beat a stamp for that. I don't pay an outrageous amount of money for stamps. Yes. I am cheap. I'm okay with that. 

I am in love with washi tape. I got these tapes at Walmart for .97 cents a piece and the stamp for $1.00 at Michael's. Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh. 

I hope you like the cards that I've posted and I hope you have a great Thursday night. Don't forget that tomorrow is Simply Smash*ing Friday Issue No. 3. Stay tuned. 

....until next time....


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Instagram Wednesday: New Book

Welcome to my newest blog series - Instagram Wednesday! These posts are going to be simple, short and sweet - just a little explanation of the picture and that's it!

 I am in love with Instagram. It makes want to take pictures of the stupidest stuff just to play with the filters. I know you other Instagrammers out there agree.

A little bit about the picture above:
My newest book. No, I have not moved in to the world of Kindle or Nook yet but I am planning on it. I did get this book $2 off at Martin's with my Bonus Card! Woot!

James Patterson is one of my favorite authors. I haven't read him in a while because I've been hooked on Nicholas Sparks and Pinterest. I forgot how bloody his books are. It's pretty disturbing that someone can write a novel like that and not be totally messed up in the head. Wouldn't you agree?

...until next time...


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Last Week's Leftovers

Hello! people of the blogosphere! It's early Saturday morning here in Virginia and I am in front of the computer trying to print off a document to smash in my Smash* journal. I thought it would be fairly simple. You know a few clicks here and there and voila! That's how it's supposed to work.


Apparently, the printer had other things in mind this morning and decided to print only two pages of the three page document as well as printing it out completely unaligned. Oh yeah, it also decided not to print at all. 

I thought technology was supposed to benefit us but sometimes I think it just sets us back. Kids aren't even learning cursive in school anymore! Pretty soon, our brains are just going to turn to mush like last weeks leftovers and we won't be able to think for ourselves. 

I'm the first to admit that I am on the computer all the time. It's my job, it feeds my crafting obsession and I can rent a RedBox movie at the snap of my fingers. So, don't feel bad because my brain will also turn to mush like last weeks leftovers. 

Rant over.

I missed an issue of Simply Smashing Friday. Last night didn't really go as planned because life decided to throw a curveball and I didn't really have it in me to write something worth reading. I hope someone out there reads what I write and I'm not just wasting my time which I think is the case most of the time. Prove me wrong, people!

So, tonight I will be working on my Smash* journal. I'm pretty excited about it. I just added some new things to Smash* about like 2 seconds ago. I stole some of the 30 Days of Lists prompts. I wanted to join but it's too late and I'm cheap and not paying $8.00 to do that. Stupid. I really need to start carrying a small notepad with me at all times. Crap! I already do that. Why do I never write anything down?

Smash*ing Prompts
1. 10 years ago I was...
2. 5 years ago I was...
3. 1 year ago I was...
4. Note to my future self
5. Overheard (this one is gonna be fun...I love listening to people's conversations. So, if you think that's creepy then so be it but don't act like you don't do it.)
6. If I could do it over again
7. If someone had to pack a care package for me
8. What I would do with an extra hour in the day
9. Favorite memories
10. Favorite days of the year
11. Pet peeves
12. Bad habits
13. Quotations
14. Books

I hope everyone is getting ready to enjoy their Saturday and if you are on the other side of the world, I hope you enjoyed your Saturday!

...until next time...


Friday, April 13, 2012

Simply Smash*ing Friday - Issue No. 2

There is a war going on inside my body with white blood cells, antibodies, antibiotics and all of those other things that fight off infection. I always root for the good guys but I don't think they are winning today. I have some sort of sickness, most likely bronchitis, that my husband gave me and I feel terrible. I tried to go to work today but I have been quarantined to my house - which I am okay with because I don't want to work when I feel like this. I have the immune system of a flea, thanks to fighting several battles of mono and strep throat. One day, I will get the chance to ask God why he gave us tonsils and snot. Ugh.

I do have to admit that being sick is a good way to catch up on some blogging. Today is Friday, which means that it is Simply Smash*ing Friday - Issue No. 2. I also have to admit that I really haven't done any smash*ing. I haven't really felt like it. Sorry, blame the sickness. I did, however, make a list for things I would like to do smash* on the inside front cover of my journal.  

Things to Smash* About:
1. Remember Myspace? Remember the bulletins that people would post with surveys? I'm gonna smash one. Preferably, this one.
2. This day in history
3. Photography Challenge - which can be found here. Which I will not be starting today considering the way I look.
4. Who/what inspires me
5. A blank map and color in the places that I've been
6. Hawaii/Honeymoon
7. New York - going in September for the first time!
8. Apple Blossom - Winchester's version of Mardi Gras. 
9. Our house
10. Our wedding
11. Home projects
12. Washington, DC
13. Favorite music
14. Favorite movies

This is my list so far. What do you use as journaling prompts? How do you determine on what to scrapbook or smash* about? I would love to hear your feedback and ideas! You can even steal some of mine! 

I hope everyone is having a healthy, happy Friday!

...until next time...


Monday, April 9, 2012

Fabric + Cork Board = Usefulness

On this Monday, I will be sharing with you the aforementioned fabric covered corkboard. Wow, aforementioned, that's a word that I never use. I am proof that blogging is healthy for your vocabulary, grammar and your brain. I'm not just wasting my time! **Pats self on back**
We crafters are always looking for new way to organize supplies, ideas and photos. I mean a cork board is pretty much the solution, right? It's right up there with drawer dividers and shelving. A cork board is the original form of Pinterest. Ahhh, Pinterest - the procrastinator's ultimate dream.
**Dreamy sigh** 
...speaking of Pinterest, this is where the idea for my version of the fabric covered cork board began. It began with this photo below. The wheels started turning and I had to go to the store THAT day. I purchased a cork board, fabric (Hobby Lobby) and spray paint.
You can see the tutorial here at Fresh Vintage.

Let's make a long story short shall we? When you buy a corkboard make sure the frame is real wood. If not, your spray paint will not stick to it if you choose to paint it like I did. However, I did not fail in my crafty endeavor. My dad noticed this issue that I was having and he made me a whole new frame - which is waaaaay better than the one that was already on the board.

This is my version of the fabric covered cork board.

I looooove my cork board. I didn't follow the tutorial that I provided you. I just kinda did my own thing. It really isn't difficult at all. Good luck!

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!

...until next time...


Friday, April 6, 2012

Simply Smash*ing Friday - Issue No. 1

I don't know what I want to share with you first - the fact that I finally added some things to my Smash* journal or the fabric covered cork board that I mentioned in a couple of posts back. Difficult decisions here, people.

Smash* journal it is. That was an executive decision. I will try to update every Friday on my smash*ing. We'll see how that goes and it will be a series called Simply Smash*ing Friday. Clever, no? 

No. You're right. Oh well. It is what it is and I'm good with that if you are.

This is issue no. 1.

Let me explain the picture below even though its pretty self explanatory. Fortunes from fortune cookies. In my opinion, it's the best thing about going to a Chinese restaurant besides the egg rolls and the pepper chicken. Nate, the husband, really isn't a fan of fortune cookies so I take his cookie and his fortune. He's missing out. I think they are a delightful and fun treat. It's always fun to see what your cookie has to say even though it says some pretty dumb things sometimes. Silly, cookies.

CLOTHES! I love shopping - which brings us to picture number two. This would be my fantasy wardrobe page. I don't have the personal stylist or the money of Kim Kardashian to afford one and that's why there is a page dedicated to clothing. However, I am fortunate enough to own a Pandora bracelet and several Coach purses.

Me. I have to have a page about me. That's the whole point of smash*ing, right? I know you are looking at the first sticker and thinking, "What's with the cowboy dude and the guns?" I work for a firearms distributor and importer who specialize in replica cowboy and Civil War revolvers and rifles. So, that's what's up with the cowboy dude sticker. 

I have a horse and she is an American Quarter Horse which is why I'm a member of the American Quarter Horse Association. They send these things to me all the time and they are in abundance. So, I smash*ed it!

Everyone who has the pink Smash* journal knows what this page is - it's the "Highlights of Today" page. So, when something special happens one day, I note it here. The receipt is for the new Pandora charm my hubby bought me last Friday. =) I normally don't use my handwriting for journaling purposes because I always try to make it to perfect and mess it up but for smash*ing I don't really care! It's great! Ahhh, freedom!

If you aren't working today, like me, I hope you are having a great Good Friday! If you are working, I hope you are having a great work day! 

...until next time...


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