Friday, April 13, 2012

Simply Smash*ing Friday - Issue No. 2

There is a war going on inside my body with white blood cells, antibodies, antibiotics and all of those other things that fight off infection. I always root for the good guys but I don't think they are winning today. I have some sort of sickness, most likely bronchitis, that my husband gave me and I feel terrible. I tried to go to work today but I have been quarantined to my house - which I am okay with because I don't want to work when I feel like this. I have the immune system of a flea, thanks to fighting several battles of mono and strep throat. One day, I will get the chance to ask God why he gave us tonsils and snot. Ugh.

I do have to admit that being sick is a good way to catch up on some blogging. Today is Friday, which means that it is Simply Smash*ing Friday - Issue No. 2. I also have to admit that I really haven't done any smash*ing. I haven't really felt like it. Sorry, blame the sickness. I did, however, make a list for things I would like to do smash* on the inside front cover of my journal.  

Things to Smash* About:
1. Remember Myspace? Remember the bulletins that people would post with surveys? I'm gonna smash one. Preferably, this one.
2. This day in history
3. Photography Challenge - which can be found here. Which I will not be starting today considering the way I look.
4. Who/what inspires me
5. A blank map and color in the places that I've been
6. Hawaii/Honeymoon
7. New York - going in September for the first time!
8. Apple Blossom - Winchester's version of Mardi Gras. 
9. Our house
10. Our wedding
11. Home projects
12. Washington, DC
13. Favorite music
14. Favorite movies

This is my list so far. What do you use as journaling prompts? How do you determine on what to scrapbook or smash* about? I would love to hear your feedback and ideas! You can even steal some of mine! 

I hope everyone is having a healthy, happy Friday!

...until next time...


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