Friday, April 6, 2012

Simply Smash*ing Friday - Issue No. 1

I don't know what I want to share with you first - the fact that I finally added some things to my Smash* journal or the fabric covered cork board that I mentioned in a couple of posts back. Difficult decisions here, people.

Smash* journal it is. That was an executive decision. I will try to update every Friday on my smash*ing. We'll see how that goes and it will be a series called Simply Smash*ing Friday. Clever, no? 

No. You're right. Oh well. It is what it is and I'm good with that if you are.

This is issue no. 1.

Let me explain the picture below even though its pretty self explanatory. Fortunes from fortune cookies. In my opinion, it's the best thing about going to a Chinese restaurant besides the egg rolls and the pepper chicken. Nate, the husband, really isn't a fan of fortune cookies so I take his cookie and his fortune. He's missing out. I think they are a delightful and fun treat. It's always fun to see what your cookie has to say even though it says some pretty dumb things sometimes. Silly, cookies.

CLOTHES! I love shopping - which brings us to picture number two. This would be my fantasy wardrobe page. I don't have the personal stylist or the money of Kim Kardashian to afford one and that's why there is a page dedicated to clothing. However, I am fortunate enough to own a Pandora bracelet and several Coach purses.

Me. I have to have a page about me. That's the whole point of smash*ing, right? I know you are looking at the first sticker and thinking, "What's with the cowboy dude and the guns?" I work for a firearms distributor and importer who specialize in replica cowboy and Civil War revolvers and rifles. So, that's what's up with the cowboy dude sticker. 

I have a horse and she is an American Quarter Horse which is why I'm a member of the American Quarter Horse Association. They send these things to me all the time and they are in abundance. So, I smash*ed it!

Everyone who has the pink Smash* journal knows what this page is - it's the "Highlights of Today" page. So, when something special happens one day, I note it here. The receipt is for the new Pandora charm my hubby bought me last Friday. =) I normally don't use my handwriting for journaling purposes because I always try to make it to perfect and mess it up but for smash*ing I don't really care! It's great! Ahhh, freedom!

If you aren't working today, like me, I hope you are having a great Good Friday! If you are working, I hope you are having a great work day! 

...until next time...


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