Friday, April 27, 2012

Simply Smashing Friday: Issue No. 3

Welcome to my Friday night. It is now 10:24 at night and I'm watching Alaska State Troopers because that's what the hubster was watching before he went to bed and left me downstairs. I would also really like to change into my pajamas but basically I'm too lazy to walk upstairs but now that I'm "talking" about it, it sounds really nice. I'll be right back. I must go get comfy before I start rambling nonsense. 

Comfiness has been accomplished. 

So, now to what's important. I have finally finished an actual page in my Smash* journal. See below!

I did add a few buttons around the page after this picture was taken. It's definitely not as detailed as other pages that I've seen. As much as I would love for the page to be covered with awesomeness I'm content as to how the page turned out. It's simple and that's me. Sorry about the lopsided picture. Oops.

....for my next trick? I have no idea. I have been thinking all week about what to smash and it hasn't come to me yet. I love taking pictures with Instagram and using them in my journal but my phone hasn't been it's normal self lately. iPhone here iCome!

So, what have you smash*ed about lately? I would love to see it!

...until next time...


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