Sunday, June 24, 2012

Eat, Drink and Make Stuff

As most of you know, I have a love for coasters. I admit it. It's probably a little weird but they are so much fun to make as I've said before. So, on this Sunday morning while laying in bed and still feeling a little off from the flu, I started thinking about other coasters that I could make. 

2. Glitter Coasters (I couldn't find a picture of these that I I guess I'll make my own tutorial)

3. Fabric Coasters (if I only knew how to sew...I may have to involve my cousin to do this one. She just got a new sewing machine and she lives next door.)

5. Monogrammed Coasters (I haven't really seen a handmade version that I liked...I'll make my own.)

6. Comic Book Coasters (Great for the guy in your life)

9. Marbled Coasters - this would be like marbling your fingernails. I've seen where you can do a glass ornament - why couldn't a coaster be done?

Now, what do you put on a coaster besides paper, glitter and chalkboard paint? Drinks, of course! So, what goes better with fancy coasters than fancy glasses? Nothing, other than something yummy to put in the fancy glasses but we'll get to that later.

Well, I hope you enjoy all of these great ideas. I would love to see what you create! You can comment here or post on my Facebook page!

...until next time....

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Coasters (Revisited)

Back some time ago I posted about making your own coasters out of inexpensive bathroom tile and scrapbook paper and gave you the link to the tutorial. If you missed that post, you can view it here.

I've made several sets of coasters since then and they have been a huge hit! I never thought that people would be so excited over them. At Relay for Life this past Friday I had a number of people come up to my table and they just ooo'd and ahhh'd over them. I love it! So, now of course, I am on this coaster making frenzy. Let me rephrase that - I will be on a coaster making frezy once I clean up my scrapbooking area. It's a mess like always. No one ever said that creativity was tidy, don't judge.

I have to show you my newest coasters. I'm pretty excited about them! I have to say that they are the manliest set of coasters I have made.

Ta-da! Realtree Camo. You can't get much more manly than that unless they were slathered in mud and they spit. Ha! Okay, so the bow isn't very manly but how else am I supposed to present them? Seriously? I found this paper at Hobby Lobby and I HAD to get it. These coasters would be great for a man cave. If you have a man's man at home and you think they need a set of coasters in their man cave, see me.

I also have another set of coasters that counter all the testosterone going on here. See below.

Isn't that better, ladies? These are dainty and cute just like us. The colors are a lot brighter in person. The lighting wasn't very good for the photo but I hope you enjoy them anyway.

If you would like to purchase these coasters or the other sets that I have available, please see my Facebook page.

I hope you are having a lovely Tuesday! Have a good one!

...until next time...


Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Here's another lunchbreak post for you on this terrific Tuesday. Enjoy.

I'm getting ready for this coming Saturday - for those of you who don't have your calendars handy that would be June 9th. I will be at Walmart helping out my church's Relay for Life team once again to raise money for fighting cancer. I have made 2 new cards and a new set of coasters is in progress.

I love this patterned paper. I got it on sale at Michael's last week. The colors and the patterns are so light and pretty!

Do you know how hard it is to get wooden stamp centered on a small piece of paper? It's pretty freakin' hard! This was the best stamped image out of many tries. There's not a lot of bells and whistles to this card and I like that. I like simple.

Also, I came across a template for mini composition book covers on Pinterest. The template can be found here. Once you print this template out on some pretty paper you are going to be addicted to making these little things. They are so easy and fun!

I put some little tabs on this one to make it like a journal or a mini Smash* book. Of course, it's not totally decked out for that but it's still cute to carry around in your purse or pocket.

This one is a little loud. Pink zebra. You'll never lose it because it's way too bright!

I plan on making some more things tonight and I also have to get started on my luminary bags for Realy for Life!

Enjoy your day.

...until next time...


Friday, June 1, 2012

Choo-Choo! All Aboard the Blog Train!

I open my email today (my gmail account) which I never check and there is an email from the people at the Blog Train. I've never heard of this so I click on the link and it takes me to a website where you can get more readers and followers. I highly recommend it. You can click on the widget on the left hand side of the screen to take a look for yourself. I know we could always use a few more readers, right?
In other news, I have started doing some more coasters and cards for our next church bake sale! I got a new pack of patterened paper and I am on a roll! I need something else to make though. Cards and coasters are so much fun to do but how many people really need coasters? Really?
As for the Smash*ing goes I have not done a thing. I'm really behind and I want to get started but I feel like I need to keep buying stuff for my journal. I think I have a shopping problem.
Instagram Wednesdays have also been held up because my phone broke, had to get a new one so I missed a lot of Wednesdays. I'm back up and running so hopefully I'll get that going again. Plus, I just noticed that there's a new PHOTOADAY challenge over at fat mum slim's blog again for the month of June!
Well, my lunchbreak is over now. So back to the grind. I hope everyone is having an awesome Friday!
...until next time...
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