Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Coasters (Revisited)

Back some time ago I posted about making your own coasters out of inexpensive bathroom tile and scrapbook paper and gave you the link to the tutorial. If you missed that post, you can view it here.

I've made several sets of coasters since then and they have been a huge hit! I never thought that people would be so excited over them. At Relay for Life this past Friday I had a number of people come up to my table and they just ooo'd and ahhh'd over them. I love it! So, now of course, I am on this coaster making frenzy. Let me rephrase that - I will be on a coaster making frezy once I clean up my scrapbooking area. It's a mess like always. No one ever said that creativity was tidy, don't judge.

I have to show you my newest coasters. I'm pretty excited about them! I have to say that they are the manliest set of coasters I have made.

Ta-da! Realtree Camo. You can't get much more manly than that unless they were slathered in mud and they spit. Ha! Okay, so the bow isn't very manly but how else am I supposed to present them? Seriously? I found this paper at Hobby Lobby and I HAD to get it. These coasters would be great for a man cave. If you have a man's man at home and you think they need a set of coasters in their man cave, see me.

I also have another set of coasters that counter all the testosterone going on here. See below.

Isn't that better, ladies? These are dainty and cute just like us. The colors are a lot brighter in person. The lighting wasn't very good for the photo but I hope you enjoy them anyway.

If you would like to purchase these coasters or the other sets that I have available, please see my Facebook page.

I hope you are having a lovely Tuesday! Have a good one!

...until next time...


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