Monday, April 9, 2012

Fabric + Cork Board = Usefulness

On this Monday, I will be sharing with you the aforementioned fabric covered corkboard. Wow, aforementioned, that's a word that I never use. I am proof that blogging is healthy for your vocabulary, grammar and your brain. I'm not just wasting my time! **Pats self on back**
We crafters are always looking for new way to organize supplies, ideas and photos. I mean a cork board is pretty much the solution, right? It's right up there with drawer dividers and shelving. A cork board is the original form of Pinterest. Ahhh, Pinterest - the procrastinator's ultimate dream.
**Dreamy sigh** 
...speaking of Pinterest, this is where the idea for my version of the fabric covered cork board began. It began with this photo below. The wheels started turning and I had to go to the store THAT day. I purchased a cork board, fabric (Hobby Lobby) and spray paint.
You can see the tutorial here at Fresh Vintage.

Let's make a long story short shall we? When you buy a corkboard make sure the frame is real wood. If not, your spray paint will not stick to it if you choose to paint it like I did. However, I did not fail in my crafty endeavor. My dad noticed this issue that I was having and he made me a whole new frame - which is waaaaay better than the one that was already on the board.

This is my version of the fabric covered cork board.

I looooove my cork board. I didn't follow the tutorial that I provided you. I just kinda did my own thing. It really isn't difficult at all. Good luck!

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!

...until next time...


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