Monday, March 26, 2012

Smash* Journal Blues

I'm feeling a little bit discouraged. I've got the Smash* Journal Blues (insert B.B. King here). I bought this Smash* Journal. The exact same one as below.  

I've put some things in it. Such things as:
1. Magazine clippings of clothes that I like
2. Fortune cookie fortunes.
3. I write down the highlights of my day on the designated page. I'm not out of the box or the journal in any way.

That's it.

It's going to Nowheresville. It doesn't look ANYTHING like this. See below.
You can click this LINK to take you to this wonderful blog of Jennifer Evans.
 Or this. See below.

Click here to visit Amy Tangerine
I thought I would be the awesome at this. I'm not. I feel like I'm missing something. Is there a secret to this? Is there a secret college where degrees are awarded in smashing? 

If there is, I'm there. I want my Doctorate in smashing. 

Someone pleeeease help me!! 

I am all ears. What is your secret to smashing? If you have some hints, tips or tricks, you can tell those to me in my comments section. 

I would also love to see what you have created! 



  1. Ummm. I feel your pain. At the same time? I had to give that up years to be the awesomeness that I saw. I had to just grasp who I was and what my style was, and run with that. My smash book looks nothing like these examples either, and while I wish my brain worked awesome like that, I still love my style. Once you love who you are as a syle? You will be unstoppable. I get tons of ideas from pinterest and other blogs, and use pieces of each thing I like and grow and develop....and now that I have written you a book, I will just say, HUG and you will do great.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words and encouragement! I really do appreciate it and will definitely keep that in mind. Have a great night!

  2. do you scrapbook? if you do think of it as a mini scrapbook and put in some paper and buttons and twine do it like you would a scrap page. use stamps and rubons. i haven't done a page yet just my cover. its in the smashaholics group on fb.

    1. I haven't scrapbooked in a looong time. I just find it time consuming because I'm way too picky and that's why I purchased the Smash* journal. I thought it would be easy to throw some stuff in and bada-bing bada-boom I would have awesomeness. Sadly, no.

    2. it is time consuming but this is like mini know what i mean you dont have to do all the diecuts and blah blah blah, but if you look on the example pages thats what they did, like a mini page while i dont expect to work 8 hours on a smash page like i will on a layout, i know some of them are going to take more time you cant just glue a reciept and expect awesomeness lol. there has to be bits and bobs too.

  3. I'm new to smashing, but one thing that helps me create a page is to find something you want to smash about, something you're excited about smashing in. Then pick a page where the paper will look good with it, then find photos, memorabilia, magazine cut outs, stickers, quotes or just anything that ties everything together. I tend to go a little crazy with my pages with embellishments, but its all personal preference. I agree with one of the ladies above about finding your own personal style, just try and find some inspiration! Hope this helps some!

  4. Check out my blog, my one post might inspire you a little? New to blogging so theres only two posts lol buttt

  5. Just don't think about it. Be free! My problem is gathering the images off my computer to print, but once I get past that point, I'm good to go with whatever I have in my scrap box. Mix it up, it doesn't have to match. It will pull together. I think a lot of our problems when we all first started "smashi*ing* was that we over-thought the process. It's a hard rut to get out of, but once you've done a page or two, you'll find that it is so easy... Live in the moment, relive the moment, and just use what you have on hand. Most importantly, have fun with it. It's more of a junk journal that should reflect the inner you, not like a formal scrapbook. You'll see yourself growing with each page too.

  6. Hi,
    I did leave a post but it's not here so I'll try again.
    I'm new to smashing to, so I'm still waiting for my smash book to arrive (same one as your's). I made myself and my granddaughter a 7inX5in smash starter! We keep them beside us when watching tv at night, if we see something that inspires us or we like a style..we pick up our book and pencil in what we've seen. Sometimes a programme or advert will trigger off an idea, and with the book close at hand it's easier.

    I think Smash Booking is a cross between a Diay/Journal and a scrap Book.

    I enjoyed the challenge on SMASH* a page about a pet/person you love...

    Will check back when my book arrives!
    Just have faith that you can do this!


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