Monday, January 3, 2011

Oh Baby!

Sorry about the bad picture but I think you get the general idea on what the card looks like. The inspiration from this card came from a sketch on a blog that I cannot remember the name of. Sorry. Again. I'm just not doing very good this time around.

Anyway, I am really pleased on how this card turned out. I love the simplicity of it but I love the busy-ness of the group of flowers at the top. It's so cute! Whatcha think?

I've been so busy with the holidays and everything I haven't really had a chance to make anything. Wouldn't you know it? I've got a cold now. G
reat. I can't breathe and Mucinex hasn't helped. I haven't gotten any sleep. Ugh. I'm really not looking forward to work tomorrow.

On a healthier, happier note, my husband
and I, are going to starting working out on Wednesday at the police department. He gets to work out there for free and can bring anyone in as long as he is there. I'm kinda nervous. I have not worked out a day in my life. This should be interesting. If I'm not blogging within in the next week I am probably at the hospital in traction. Ha!

My husband and I are also looking for a new house. It's going to be a long search I think. Wish us luck! Pray for us too!

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