Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pinteresting Tuesday

Today, I just wanted to share some awesome things that I've come across on Pinterest in the past several days. 

Take a look!

Pinteresting Thing #1
I love this idea. I have a ton of these $1 stamps and they just take up space in my drawers. I'm definitely doing this and I'm also going to be getting more $1 stamps! 

{source: scrapinxoxo}

Pinteresting Thing #2
Words to live by.

Pinteresting Thing #3
Unfortunately, I couldn't find the source to this fabulous December Daily but I'm so in love with this I had to share.. Everything about this is beautiful. I absolutely love the tabs!

Pinteresting Thing #4
Aren't these tags just goregous?? I love the aqua and red together. Very inspiring!

Pinteresting Thing #5
Shrinky Dink Snowflake Necklace! You could use these also as embellishments on your cards or scrapbooks!
{source: the long thread}

Just keep pinning! Thank you to everyone who had these awesome ideas and creations to share! 

...until next time...


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