Saturday, April 13, 2013

Herbs, Toys and Puppies

Hello! It's me again, Sam, bringing you the life of me from my Mac and my kitchen table with my cup of coffee in hand and only a corner left of my cinnamon raisin toast - which will probably be fed to Brody.

It's that time of year again where everything is blooming and thawing out from winter. We are growing herbs this year. We didn't do that last year but we had really good luck with tomatoes. They were everywhere! A lot of them went to friends and family because we would have never eaten so many tomatoes! Hopefully, the tomatoes will be plentiful this year because I will be making salsa - which is why we are growing cilantro! The Mexican restaurants probably run out of salsa every time I visit. Mmmmm....

I'm not sure if this is cilantro. There are two pots planted - one with basil and one with cilantro. The other pot wasn't very picture worthy because the seedlings are just now coming up out of the dirt - except for one over achiever.

Lately, I haven't been feeling very inspired to make anything. I'm feeling that I just need to take a little bit of a break, not completely stop making things, but maybe just slow down a little bit. I was really cranking out some stuff right before the notorious "craft show," and I guess I'm feeling just a little burnt out. Just a little. 

I am making stuff here and there. Last night I made a dog toy following this tutorial by FabYouBliss. I thought it was pretty simple. I used fabric instead of jersey knit and I knotted the ends a little bit different but it's basically the same concept and Brody seems to really like it. I actually let him take it outside this morning for a photo op. Normally, inside toys don't go outside and outside toys don't come inside. So, he really seemed to enjoy taking his new inside toy, well, outside. He ran around the yard like a crazy dog. I couldn't get really good pictures because he wouldn't stand still. 

I have a feeling that this toy may not last a long time with Brody. He likes to pull the tassels at the end of the toy. He can be very destructive. 

Finally! A decent picture! Even though I had to hold his head to get it but it worked out. Boxers aren't really the most calm breed of dog. 

I'm going to make another toy for this guy....

Meet Buddy, formerly known as, Reggie. This is my new baby brother. If you don't understand what I mean by that, well, my mom and dad got a new puppy through a chain of events and I'm the only child so, he's my baby brother and he's sooooo cute!!! Look at that face!!! I think he'll appreciate and handmade toy. He wants to chew on things that aren't toys anyway, like my mom's ankles. She may appreciate a new toy much more than he will. Ha!

I guess I need to get up and start some laundry and may be tidy up a bit.

I hope you have a great weekend and feel inspired to make something for yourself, others or a furry friend. 

Also, it's a great day to plant a garden!! Go outside!!

...until next time...


P.S. - Brody enjoyed the toast. =)

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