Tuesday, September 6, 2011


These little beauties are a product of yours truly. I don't know if anyone else has thought of something like this and I'm sure they have but I haven't seen it so I take credit until I'm told otherwise.

These are what I call HairMarks. Yes, I should trademark that name. Don't ya think? They are felt flower embellies w/ buttons sewn on to them and then they are glued on to a bobby pin. You can put these in your or your child's hair for a cute accessory or use them as a bookmark. 

Get the name HairMark?? Hair accessory. Bookmark. Clever, eh?

Right now I'm working on a plethora of things. Scrabble tile pendants. A Halloween wreath that is completely blowing my mind (that's a whole different ballgame and a whole other blog entry), cards, magnets, shrinky dink buttons...

Once I get all of these wonderful projects completed you will be able to see them for yourself. I know you are so excited! Me too!

I hope you are staying dry if you are on the East Coast. It's a little damp where I am and I hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day Weekend!


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  1. Well a new follower you have :)))Beautiful blog!x


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