Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Let's Color

It seems that a lot of people these days like to use color palettes for pretty much everything. I stumbled across a color palette generator on Pinterest and I thought I would see how well it worked. 

I started with this photo. It has bright colors and thought it would make a really nice color palette that someone could use for their card making or interior design. Plus, who doesn't like hot air balloons?

This is what the color palette generator came up with for the photo. I did a screenshot and then cropped out the palette

I think it did a pretty good job. The generator provides a dull color palette as well as a warm color palette. Personally, I like the vibrant colors better and I think this would make for great card colors!

I've come to find out that this can be really addicting to do. So, I made another out of this picture.

This is definitely my favorite out the two photos. The palatte is so soft, girly and modern. These colors are really "in" right now. 

Would you like to make your own color palatte? You can find the tutorial here. I hope you have a blast making your own! 

I would love to see if you do any crafting or decorating with your color palette. 

...until next time...


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