Saturday, August 17, 2013

Updates & Stuff

I am most definitely still alive and kickin'. You probably wouldn't know that by the lack of posts here on my blog and also on my Facebook page. I am so bad about this blogging thing - I even remember writing a post saying that I was going to blog everyday. So much for that!

Anyway, for those of you that do stick around and read what I have to say, I have an update on some things and just want to share what I've been up to lately. 

Here. We. Go.

Okay, I am dying to go back to last week and relive it all over again. I was vacationing in Myrtle Beach and this was my view every morning and night. This week, my view, is my desk at work. Whoopee.  

Gorgeous, right? 

I am having withdrawals. Seriously.

The hubster and I had such a great time with our closest friends.

Aren't we adorable?

So, like I said before, this week has been just another week doing the same things as always. Yesterday, I was told by a little birdie that there will be another craft show in October at a local church. I think I'm going to go and sell some things of mine. Hopefully, this show works out better than the last one. I don't think I'm going to have many cards there this time. I think I'm going to have some Christmas ornaments and coasters and possibly some new things. I don't really have a whole lot of details yet but I'll try to keep you posted.

I'm still doing the Project Life/Sn@p thing. I'm so far behind on that. Like, woah. 

I went to Hobby Lobby today and they have some really cute stuff for Sn@p/Project Life. I was pretty excited. I walked away with a couple of cute things!

Other than my vacation and a possible upcoming craft show, there hasn't been a whole lot going on.

Can you believe summer is almost over??

...until next time...


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