Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Three Cs

Hello, all!

I hope everyone had a great week and you are now enjoying your weekend! It's a cold one - a great day for cleaning, crafting & cooking. The three Cs - which is what I'll be doing as soon as The Today Show goes off. I love "relaxing" (I call it "relaxing" because mainly its just a method of procrastination from what I really have to do - cleaning.) on a Saturday morning with a cup of steaming coffee, my computer and The Today Show! 

I posted about Zoe, the new puppy, in my last update a few weeks ago. We love her to death and she's still a handful. She also makes a mess and pulls all of the dog toys out of the toy box and they are spread all over the living room floor. Basically, I have to clean more. I'm really not a fan of that. I also have to catch up on laundry and I'm not really a fan of that either. 

Next weekend is another craft show at a local high school. I'm really excited but I still have a TON of work to do. I have to name/label all of the button bracelets, coasters still have to be worked on, cards have to be made. I also may have just increased my workload this morning by emailing a local boutique about selling my creations. I'm so nervous! I'll keep you posted on the news!

Yesterday, I finally received my business cards from VistaPrint. They turned out so nice! See? The picture isn't so nice - thanks to being a cell phone picture but you get this gist of it. 

So, for the cooking portion of the three Cs. Tonight is Crock-Pot night. I don't feel like cooking anything so I'll let the Crock-Pot do it. That thing is like a magical pot. I don't have to do anything but put the ingredients in there and let it do it's thing. I'm thinking of Chicken Enchilada Soup for dinner tonight. The hubby said that he wanted some Tex-Mexiky. I found this recipe on Pinterest and I think this is "the one." Sounds yummy!

It's 9:00 am now and I guess I should get up and start cleaning and getting ingredients ready for the Crock-Pot. Procrastination time is over. 

Whatever you are doing this weekend, whether it be cooking, cleaning, crafting, shopping or nothing at all, enjoy it!

...until next time...


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