Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Ok. Tonight I'm posting a major fail. I didn't realize how hard it was to roll paper to make flowers. Really? I thought I would just draw a spiral, cut it out and ta-da! No. Not that easy. I don't know if I didn't follow the instructions correctly or if I need a heavier paper. I used newspaper and that just didn't work. It also didn't help that the one flower I did make...the dog kind of ruined it by trying to eat it. I guess he wanted to help.

Here is what I was trying to accomplish.

You can find this photo and the tutorial here. This gal's blog is amazing! Check it out.

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  1. Samantha,
    I make these flowers too. Try crushing them down a little bit. If all else fails,shorten them and re-roll. They look so easy but can be tricky little buggers!


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