Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I just wanted to type a little something. I'm not exactly sure what to write so I'm kinda just rambling. I'm not tired and I don't wanna just lay in bed and watch TV.

I have a lot of photos of cards and ornaments to post but that task is a bit time consuming for me these days. I have to take a picture, download on my computer, edit it, save it to a jump drive and then save it to my husband's Mac. I would do it all on my computer but I have a virus and my laptop is about to crash. Not only do I have a virus on my laptop but my laptop doesn't have the internet. My husband and I only have one USB thingy for the internet. So, posting is more like a chore now rather than something I enjoy doing. I think that my change once Christmas comes around because I'm getting Photoshop for Mac! Yay! I'm pretty excited about that but I have no idea how to use it. My sick laptop only has Photoshop Elements 8. I barely know how to use that. LOL! If anyone out there knows any good reference books or tutorials on how to use it, send them my way. I'm going to need all the help that I can get.

I'm not really sure that any of you people care out there why I haven't been posting as much or what I'm up to in my life at this point in time. It's just fun to put it out there to think that someone reads my blog and finds it interesting. All I really want is for people to see my cards an other creations. I only have 6 it can't be that interesting.

Its amazing how looking a bright computer screen in a dark bedroom can make my eyes heavy. Oh my.

Anyway, my cousin and I have seriously been thinking about starting our own business. She wants to start a bakery and I want to start a handmade goods/scrapbooking store. It doesn't really go together but I think it could work. Unfortunately, she works some weird hours and doesn't have Saturdays off. It's hard for us to plan. I even made her a logo and everything! For those who are reading this you should really wish us luck and pray that the good Lord blesses us with an opportunity! We would both be doing something that we really love and it would make us soooooo happy!

Hopefully, I will be having some pictures up soon of the newest things. So hang tight. Thanks for reading ya'll. Enjoy your night and leave comments. I love those!


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