Monday, August 9, 2010

New Stamps!

Yesterday I was feeling quite crafty. I mean who doesn't feel inspired after coming home from their favorite scrapbooking store, right? Michael's had some new stamps in their dollar bin and I grabbed several of them. They were simple but cute and I thought they would make some great cards. Here is one of those cards:
This particular stamp is so cute and I thought it needed color. It couldn't be just pink all the way across the board, ya know? Thanks goodness for %40 coupons because I also purchased the American Craft Stamp Markers. These things are fantastic!! They make your stamps like new again because of all the possibilities with color!

The next card is done with American Crafts paper and 1 strip of cardstock. The "hello." stamp is also one of the new ones that I bought yesterday. These stamps are Studio G by Hampton Arts! I finally took the time to tie a really cute bow! There are some great videos on Youtube to help you learn if you are having some trouble. Sorry about the TV in the background of this picture. My camera isn't working and I had to use my cell phone. It's not the best quality but it helps get the point across.

Thanks for looking and these cards can be purchased here.

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