Saturday, August 28, 2010

Button, Button, Whose Got the Button??

I was looking on Etsy because to be honest with you fellow crafters, I have never really been on Etsy. Gasp!! I wanted to share with you some of the cutest things that I've ever seen made with buttons. Take a look!
Cute Thing #1This bracelet is ADORABLE. I want one of these. Really bad. I could probably try to make it but jewelry really isn't my area of expertise. Although, I really wish that it was. You can take a look at this Etsy Shop by clicking here. Mrs.Gibson has some adorable things!!

Cute thing #2Buttons made into magnets and then covered with bright fabric? Yes, I think so. This would make a cute gift for someone getting a new office or home. These magnets also come in a nifty little tin that you could use for something else. They come in a variety of colors. Click here for Murdock Design.

Cute Thing #3

Ok, I would have never thought of doing this in a million years. I don't have THAT many buttons lying around and how in the world is this done?? This would make for an interesting bouquet for a bride. That would be something everyone would be talking about. I should have ordered one of these for when I walk down the aisle in 3 weeks. Take a look at other bouquests HERE.

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  1. That button bouquet is GORGEOUS. What a brilliant idea. I just wish I had enough buttons to do what sorta thing, I suppose I can just dream. LOL. xo


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