Saturday, August 6, 2011

Paper Tape, Lace Skirt and Journals! OH MY!

It's unfortunate that $40 for tape really isn't in my budget right now. I just can't justify that at the moment. If I won the lottery and could have a roll of $40 dollar tape I totally would to create my own rolls of paper tape. These are gorgeous and you should stop over at Cathe Holden's blog. She has some awesome tutorials!

I had something else to write about and now I have no idea what it was but I found something new to share with ya'll. I seriously want a skirt like this and I wish I could sew! Its gorgeous! It's made entirely out of lace! Go to no big dill's blog to check out how she did this and maybe you could call me so you can make me one!

Well I guess I will share a little something that I've been up to besides my cousin's wedding invitations. Those pictures will be up later! I know have entries about fabric covered journals but I made some mini journals this week and they are so cute! They would make a great stocking stuffer or just a little bit of extra for a birthday present! I now have new fetish for fabric, just what I need, another crafting supply fetish. Oh my! Does it ever end?

Well I hope everyone has a great Saturday and remember to have fun! Until next time....

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