Sunday, August 26, 2012

Flashback: MySpace

Ah, MySpace. 

Everyone remembers the days of friend ranking, comments, layout changes, meeting new friends. I kinda miss it. I met some pretty awesome people on MySpace, including my husband. 

Take that, 

So, before the husband and the Just Darlin' days, I was pimpin' out Myspace layouts. I even had my own MySpace layout page called Sweetness and also worked on someone else's page designing snags and layouts. It was pretty awesome. I really did enjoy it and I wish that Facebook was as easy to change. How awesome would that be? 

Thanks, Mark Zuckerburg, for making all individuals the same. Way to go putting us in a non-color, timelined, blue & white box. 

Tonight, I'm sharing my layouts and snags with you for nostalgia's sake.

This was probably my favorite one. I love what I did to edit the photo and make all of these bright colors just mesh together. My Photoshop Elements skills have really slacked since these days and I couldn't tell you the first thing about how to do this. 

A crosshatch brush and a little bit of text magic, voila! Of course, a stock photo is always good to have. 

I think this one speaks for itself.

I also did the images that everyone had on their profiles. I just didn't dabble in layouts. See for yourself.

Pretty fun, right? 

I just wanted to share these with you. Just because. I actually found my Photobucket account login over the weekend and found all this stuff I forgot about. 

I probably should have cleaned up my craft room a little sooner. 

What long lost thing have you found while cleaning?

...until next time...


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