Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cute as a Button

So, here's another lunchbreak post for you - for some reason I only feel like blogging when I'm on my lunchbreak and only have about 15 minutes to post something - maybe it's a "I-work-better-under-pressure" thing.
I just wanted to update on you people out there in cyberspace on what my latest project is....


They are so easy to make and not to mention inexpensive. The inspiration comes from something that I saw on Pinterest and I was like, "Hey, I can do that!" So, I did and they turned out beautifully! I am currently filling an order for a pink & green bracelet for Apple Blossom. If you don't know what Apple Blossom is then you just need to go away. Just kidding. If you don't know what it is its like a local Mardi Gras, so to speak. You should go to the website - click here.

I will have a tutorial up soon. I just haven't had the time. Ok, well, that's not entirely true. I'm just really lazy after work.

I hope everyone is having a good day and I hope your Valentine's Day was full of diamonds, chocolate and love!


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